Audiosphere Montreal

* Featured by Apple in the New & Noteworthy Music Apps

* Winner of the 2012 NJTC Best Smart City App Award

* Winner of a 2012 Boomerang Mobile Application Award 

Built for the iPhone, Audiosphere Montreal allows commuters to discover musical pieces written by local artists specifically for the neighborhoods along the city’s most popular bus lines.

2XM, in partnership with the MUTEK electronic music festival, created a city-wide virtual soundscape. As users travel in the city, the Audiosphere app plays music specially adapted to their geolocation. A Soundcloud integration allows MUTEK to change the music of any zone on-the-fly, allowing for special artist placement and promotion. The app also allows users to connect to Facebook, share their love of the music and comment on each track.

Music enthusiasts will recognize the compositions of local artists such as DJ Champion, aRTIST oF tHE yEAR, Socalled, Ghislain Poirier and many others as they travel on the 55, 80 and 165 bus lines. Exclusive mixes have also been produced for the lines 18 and 24.

The app is promoted through the MUTEK festival as well as being advertised on every bus and bus stop along the selected lines.

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